Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is Obama a Socialist?

McCain doesn't think so. When asked, he waffled and eventually conceded that Obama was not a socialist.

Here's an interesting essay on the subject.

Most kids have no standard for comparison to understand why socialists are scary. By labeling all liberals as socialists, conservatives have robbed the word of its power. An increasing number of young people are self-identifying as Socialists or proclaiming themselves to be in favor of things like "socialized medicine." (Ie, the pollster asks a question like "Are you in favor of 'socialized medicine?'")

I disagree with the premise that there is some sort of Socialist resurgence going on.

After the election, the blue dogs will hold the balance of power in the Congress. If the Ds try to push them, then I'll get my wish for the creation of a third party based on traditional, hard-nosed fiscal discipline.