Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia and Iraq

Reuters on the Russian invasion of Georgia:

Putin mocked the support given by the West to Saakashvili, comparing him to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who was hanged in 2006 for executing Shiites.

"They (the Americans) of course had to hang Saddam Hussein for destroying several Shiite villages," Putin said.

"But the current Georgian rulers who in one hour simply wiped 10 Ossetian villages from the face of the earth, the Georgian rulers which used tanks to run over children and the elderly, which threw civilians into cellars and burnt them -- they (Georgian leaders) are players that have to be protected."

This is a good example of how the oil grab in Iraq has cost us credibility in the international community. Besides the damage to our military, Bush damaged our moral authority with the Iraq oil grab. It will be much harder to lead a substantive international coalition when most of the countries involved are still ticked off at us.

I don't think that it is any secret that the Russians are aiming at "regime change" of a foreign government they don't like. Perhaps they feel that they are engaged in a "preemptive war." I just heard the Russian ambassador explaining that Russian operations were aimed at "supporting the peacekeepers." None of this sounds familiar, does it?

Every American single combat brigade is busy because of the Iraq oil grab. (Every combat brigade is either returning from deployment, preparing to be deployed, or deployed.)

Well, we can try to rattle our empty scabbard. If we ask nicely, the French may back us up by treating some Russian tourists rudely. (Never mind, they were planning on doing that anyway.)

Ok, that was mean. At least the French are actively involved. I hope Bush is enjoying the Olympics.