Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thoughts on the Democratic Convention

What in the world were the Democrats thinking on Monday night? Using that dry-as-dirt "town hall" meeting with the talking heads just before Pelosi? Even Jim Lehrer was making fun of how boring the meeting was. "The audience does not appear to be very attentive," he said, while snickering with his guests.

Pelosi, of course, is not exactly a stem-winder herself. Sure, she hit all the traditional Democratic themes. And it is important for Team Obama to get a woman out front and center to try to smooth over feathers ruffled by the primary race against Hillary. But maybe they could have warmed up the audience with somebody who knows how to give a speech. The audience started to warm up when Jackson, Jr spoke. Maybe they could have started with him. Or some music. Or something. I swear I was hearing crickets chirp while Pelosi spoke.

Hillary's speech Tuesday night hit all the "party unity" points she needed to hit to keep her name around for a few more years. She didn't seem at all bitter about not getting the Veep spot. It's not clear to me how that would have worked out anyway. Hillary is about the only person who can put a muzzle on Bill, and Obama would have just come out of it looking weak.

The Republicans seem to be having a good time. Good for them. Romney was a good choice for front man, since he is able to state their position without coming off as nasty. McCain could certainly do worse than him as a Veep choice, though there is the not-so-hidden anti-Mormon sentiment among his evangelical supporters.