Saturday, August 16, 2008

Taking Care of Business

David Broder has an interesting article on the focus from within the Obama campaign. One of the most impressive facets of Obama's organization has been the way that they establish priorities and go after them. I have questions and concerns about his lack of experience on the international stage, and I have serious objections to his lack of a fiscal responsibility platform, but he does bring a level of clear-headed organization to the campaign that is very unusual.

Given that, I have to wonder why he has been so slow to reach out to the Clintons and their supporters in a more substantial way. Given how Bill loves the spotlight, you know that he would be thrilled to be asked to stump or fundraise for Obama, but only if they reach out to him. (If he isn't stroked, you can count on him to sulk and make unhelpful comments.) And it would heal some of the scars from the primary season. Obama's failure to reconcile with the Clintons earlier demonstrates a lack of the whole-souled greatness of spirit that we would hope to see in someone who is marketing himself as a healer.

He is finally reaching out to Florida and Michigan Clinton supporters. And he has finally been dragged to the realization that he should allow Hillary's name to be placed in nomination and allow a roll call vote.

Democratic leaders have recognized and are trying to counter reports of the split from within the party. (Certainly, the RNC has tried to make hay out of the story line. And the Democrats have tried to make hay out of the RNC's efforts.) But however happy a face we try to put on things, there are a lot of embittered Clinton supporters out in Democratia. Obama needs to set a high priority on reaching out to these people if he wants to win.