Friday, September 29, 2017

Puerto Rico Needs a Permanent Exemption from the Jones Act

Resistbot, September 29. Please contact your elected representatives to push for a permanent Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico and to ask them to support Senator McCain's move to repeal it entirely.

"Thank you for your assistance in persuading a reluctant president to issue a 10 day waiver of the Jones Act. This effort has literally saved the lives of American citizens. Given the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Maria, a 10 day waiver is not nearly enough. The application of the Jones Act to Puerto Rico may be the most prominent and impactful remnant of the US's foray into colonialism. The cost of the Jones Act to the Puerto Rican economy is almost entirely responsible for the debt that was the current president's primary focus in the aftermath of Maria. Please seek a permanent waiver of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico like the one granted to the Virgin Islands. And please join Senator McCain's effort to overturn the Jones Act entirely."

Vox article explaining the impact of the Jones Act on the Puerto Rican economy.
Reuters article on the Jones Act Repeal Effort