Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trump Turns Racism Against Puerto Rico

Resistbot from September 26:

Once again, the current president has demonstrated just how deeply entrenched his racism is. After a weekend of going after professional athletes engaged in peaceful protest, he turned his Twitter account on Puerto Rico to express concern for the well being of Wall Street investors.

No concern for the 60% of the island still without potable water. No concern for the critical fuel shortages that are leading hospitals to close their doors. No concern for the overwhelmed first responders on the island. Instead, the self-professed "smart guy" and serial bankruptcy artist is throwing his sympathy to the Wall Street investment crowd. Please work to support the following, since it is clear that the current president has zero interest in helping brown people who speak with an accent.

  1. The USNS Comfort should be dispatched immediately to help supplement the desperately overwhelmed hospital services on the island.
  2. Debt relief must be implemented to provide a way out of the crisis. Leader Ryan and President Obama were able to put together a bipartisan package in the past. The current situation calls for additional action.
  3. The governor is requesting additional military logistical and policing assistance in the Tuesday Washington Post. Please heed his call rather than pointing out who was already sent.
  4. Secure adequate funding for the disaster relief bills for this year's hurricane season.
  5. Temporarily waive the Jones act to allow direct delivery of aid rather than delaying it for transshipping.
This was not a problem for hurricanes on the mainland. It should not be a problem for Puerto Rico.

Finally, work in a bipartisan way to send messages of support to the Puerto Rican people. God knows that brown people with an accent will get zero support from the Twitter account of the current president.