Sunday, September 3, 2017

Support the Dreamers through the Dream Act (S 1615 or HR 3591)

Resistbot, September 3, 2017:

Please cosponsor the Dream Act, to grant legal status to people brought to the US as children. America is a richer place thanks to the contributions of immigrants. I believe with all my heart that the opposition to the Dream Act is largely fueled by the ugliest of racist sentiments. Even Puerto Ricans locally, who are US citizens, have seen a sharp increase in racist and threatening comments from people who explicitly reference the current president's immigration policies. Hispanic people in your district see the passage of the so-called Kate's Law as part of the symbolic drumbeat that is making their daily life harder. Please send a clear message that you do not stand with the bigots.

Resistbot, August 25, 2017:

Please support the young people currently protected by DACA. These are good people, who would be valuable citizens. Give them a path to citizenship.